Demolition – Major Milestone!

With Remediation Complete, the Demo Begins

July was an exciting month! With remediation complete, we were able to proceed with the demolition of two properties, and finally get a peek inside the historic Sharland grocery!

LMT made very quick work of both houses – they came down very quickly and efficiently, all in one morning! A day later, they had the ground filled and packed and that was it! Check out their moves below:

Video source missing
Video source missing

One exciting find was a collection of old, Medalta ginger beer bottles, featured in a Medicine Hat News article later that week.

Perhaps the most exciting thing for us, however, was finally getting a good look behind the walls in the Sharland.

Because of its balloon framing, vermiculite from the attic had made its way down to pretty much every nook and cranny so the plan changed partway through remediation, and the interior plaster and ceilings were removed. Things were brought right back to the studs, giving us a good look at what we would be dealing with in trying to retrofit the walls.

Our favourite find was on an interior wall – they had used what looks like delivery boxes for sheathing around the stairwell framing; Crown Soap, and fruits and vegetables from Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Many of the pieces featured his name (McKenzie) scrawled across the board.

We’ve been so busy this summer we are behind on the blogs, but looking very forward to showing how this historic renovation progresses!

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