Initial Sitework at the Sharland

It has begun! There will be more to follow about the exciting project we’ve been working on with Cube Development, but for now Block is very excited to be on site and take a hands on role in some of the initial site prep.

Step 1 has been to clear out three houses (two slated for removal and one for restoration) of any items that can be re-used, sent to ReStore, or recycled (electronics, appliances, etc.). For this, a truck was acquired and Block braved the 20 or so cms of snow and -15 temps and got to work! Luckily this truck has 4 wheel drive!

Since one house slated for demolition was built at the same time, we have been retrieving historical items such as doors, hinges and potentially even some floor boards, for possible reuse in the Sharland House, which will be fully restored. We cleared out the historic Ice House for use as a holding spot for some of these items. (Photo is from before the flood).

This Ice House has a long history! It started its life as a CPR Ice House. It is presumed to have been located closer to the railroad, and would have been used to store ice (mainly for use with passenger trains).

At some point it was acquired by the McKenzie family and moved to its current location on Dominion Street. It had some renovations done at this time – including four windows, a door (as opposed to the shed doors on the other side), a wood stove, and evidence of a room partition on the interior. Our hypothesis is that the McKenzie family may have lived in it while they built the grocery store (which had an apartment above). Once the family moved into the main building, it was possibly rented out or otherwise lived in.

We do know its later history! Used more traditionally as a shed for the Sharland family, we found lots of evidence of a very handy man and some definite green thumbs! With all the gardening articles, we are excited to see what kind of plants pop up in the spring.

Not everything was recycled. We found lots of interesting things from over the years. Given the snowstorm that was occurring we were particularly happy to find some skis!

Best of all was this sweet photo of a handsome young fella 🙂

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