Recycled Rubber Roofing

From the landfill straight to your roof…

Cube and Block recently visited Euroshield Roofing in Calgary in search of the perfect roofing system for McKenzie Mews. We are not eager to use typical asphalt shingles as their lifespan in our climate is pretty low (they are extremely susceptible to hail and wind storms), and they are one of our worst choices from an environmental perspective – short life span, non recyclable. In our research of alternatives, we came across Euroshield.

The Euroshake (one of Euroshield’s main lines) is a panelled, rubber shake system made from recycled tires. The shakes are composed of 95% recycled materials, all scraps during the manufacturing process are melted down and reused, and according to their poster and Alberta Recycling, Euroshield used 53% of all crumb rubber consumed by Alberta Manufacturers from Alberta Processors.

The showroom had an impressive video showing it’s CCMC testing – golf ball sized blocks of ice are shot at the roof at over 200km/hour, without the slightest bit of damage. It has also passed wind uplift at 170kph. Watch their hail video here, it is very impressive!

This and the 50 year transferable warranty were the facts we already knew – the real purpose of the visit was to check out what it actually looked like; an important factor! Their facility showcases their product, so you get a realistic idea of what it looks like on a roof as well as seeing in it up close in their samples. I must say, we were impressed. Definitely a product we will be investigating further.

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